In parents life a child is the most ambitious dream. The entire future of an individual, the family and the society depends upon a child’s growth and development. The formal education at SGBMS aims at balanced development of a student’s academic, mental, physical, cultural, emotional and spiritual faculties, Beside imparting theoretical education, the school takes special care to mould human faculties, besides imparting theoretical education, the school takes special care to mould human character, SGBMS provides opportunities to learn Yoga & Meditation to reinforce the innerself of every child. SGBMS helps the child to grow into a balanced person and to realize his true potential in a caring and sensitive learning environment. SGBMS provides a positive environment to the students to take part in activities which inculcate discipline, communication skills, teamwork, problem solving and leadership qualities, with this view weekly club system in introduced for classes I to Iv. Students and divided according to their choice of interest (Viz) Oberien Club, Picasso Club, Nightingale and Shakespeare Club These clubs deal with general knowledge contest, art and craft, singing, public speaking (language and literature) etc. And V to X children choose their area of interest under clubs namely Heritage Club, Eco Club, Ramanujam Club and C.V. Raman Club. These Clubs deal with Cultural aspects, nature and surroundings, Mathematics, Science etc. These activities enhance children interest in their desired field.