New Technique
of Education​

Application of new Technique in Education

The school’s main focus in on the latest scientific concept of inculcating of E.Q. (Emotional Quotient) in balance with I.Q. (Inteligence Quotient) among the children to make them confident to face the challenges in future. Smart classroom are being implemented to make the concept be more understanding and clear. School has a well equipped library for developing reading habits. Library service with interactive CD room in multimedia environment is a distinct feature of the school. A well developed science, computer and mathematics laboratories are provided to supplement the theoretical study with experimentation.
We are always ready to deal with unfavorable situations if any arises and to meet this we create more collaborative, interactive and engaging connection between teachers and student and student with peers. With online tools and electronic learning we are able to successfully provide a more enriched platform and ensure sound tutoring; which in future world educate students to endure with worlds rapidly expanding workplace.
Curriculum is devised to give accurate information and knowledge of real universe, pollution status, youth and women creation of arts for aesthetic pleasure and physical education to emphasis the value of healthy competitive sprit and relation between physical exercise and character building. The basic aim of the school is to impact education based on Indian culture and values through innovative approach of teaching. Experienced teachers guide the child through various learning activities during school hours.